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A family company since 1955. Established in Objat, The Maison Treuil usually moves around a 50km area. Yet, a larger area might be considered if necessary.

Our clients:
  • Private individuals
  • Professionals
  • Local Authorities


  • For new equipment or renovation


Our skills:  

-  Heating System                                                                                                  -  OTHER SERVICES

-  AIR CONDITIONING                                                                   -  ELECTRICITY

-  BAKERY EQUIPMENT                                        -   MAINTENANCE

-  VENTILATION                              -  AFTER SALES SERVICE

 -    PLUMING          - SWIMMING POOL




We carry out the studies, the plans and the building sites.

We are here to listen to your desires, answer and satisfy all your needs, according to your habits, technical constraints and your budget.


Do not hesitate to contact us! Let’s meet!



 Our qualifications

Thanks to our official qualifications, some of our services may entitle you to advantages, such as tax credits or zero rate loans.

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Our approach

As your comfort and well-being are our priorities, we focus on your needs. To do so, we study your heating project in 5 steps :

1-We study your needs

Needs of any kind :

  • Economical needs
  • Environmentally friendly needs
  • Principal residence, secondary residence, location
  • New or renovation
  • Winter / summer comfort
  • Main or auxiliary heating

Let’s meet ! Make an appointment ! We’ll study your needs together.


2-We suggest a technical system

By studying your needs and your lifestyle, we draw up solutions based on 3 choices :

1.The energy of your heat production:

wood, pellets, fuel, tank gas , natural gas, heat pump, electricity

2. The operating mode

- Heating only

- Heating and hot water

- Mixed system
  - Stove - Wall or floor system - Pool heating system


3.Heat emitter:

- Radiator : steel, cast iron, aluminium



- Blown air

- Heating floor

Thanks to our experience, we can help you to make your choice according to your lifestyle: contact us and make your choice !
3-We set up your installation

We set up your heating installation while guaranteeing you a quality charter :

  • Listening to you
  • Impartial advices
  • Courtesy of the staff
  • Respect of your environment
  • Respect of the rules of the art
  • Respect of deadlines
  • Respect of the estimate
  • Quality
  • Efficiency

Do not hesitate to contact us !

4-We put into service

We completely start your heating system and explain to you how it works.

5-We follow the maintenance and the after-sales service

The maison Treuil carries out a quick breakdown service for every heating system.

A maintenance service has been developed. You can discover our contracts now !

Our Qualification

Our company has been trained in the heating sector, and is involved in the training of our employees to set up your installation in:

  • The respect of the rules of the art
  • The client satisfaction target
  • The efficiency

Our qualifications may entitle you to state aids or manufacturer promotions.

We establish your estimate for free and we give you information about your advantages: contact us !

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Either for a summer or a winter comfort, we set up together solutions for your satisfaction. Whether you are a professional, a private individual, or a local authority, we study your project in 4 steps :

1- We identify your needs

We make an appointment to understand your desires. You may want :

  • Cold system, warm system or both
  • Domestic warm water
  • A device for a room, for several rooms, or the whole house
  • For offices, production spaces or public reception area
  • A large area / a large volume
  • Apparatus visible or not
  • More...



2- We suggest a solution

Depending on your needs and the house technical constraints, we recommend the most suitable solution among the various existing devices.

These are grouped into 3 main categories :

  • Air conditioning Air/Air
  • Air conditioning with heat pump Air/water
  • Hot water heating system by thermodynamics.

We are at your disposal to inform you about your project and the solution.

3- We set up the device

We carry out ourselves :

  • The installation of your air conditioning
  • The setting
  • Commissioning
  • Explanations

Choosing us for your project is the guarantee of a quality charter :

  • Listening to you
  • Impartial advices
  • Courtesy of the staff
  • Respect of your environment
  • Respect of the rules of the art
  • Respect of deadlines
  • Respect of the estimate
  • Quality
  • Efficiency

4. We carry out the maintenance

The Maison Treuil carries out a fast breakdown and a maintenance service for your equipment.

You can discover our contracts here.

Our qualification:

All our teams are qualified to carry out your refrigeration installations. Our company has also the official qualifications protecting your for the insurance and giving you aids.

  • Attestation de capacité n°22178
  • 2 operators


  • QualiPAC RGE
  • QualiPAC CET RGE

 You have a project, questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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We offer you a global offer/ installation

Specialized in the creation, renovation and fitting out works of your bakery, we can suggest you a technical solution with 3 renowned brands. For a high-quality global installation, do not hesitate to contact us !


Suggestion of a solution 

Thanks to our partnership with Pavailler Bertrand Puma CFI, we offer you solutions for :

  • The dough preparation
  • The dough processing
  • The conservation
  • The cooking
  • Fitting out works
Some installations :

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Ventilation is essential in order to :
  • Have a healthy air
  • Respect the regulatory obligations
  • Protect the inhabitants from the proliferation of bacteria and molds
  • Perpetuate the house


Suggestion of a solution :

According to :

  • Your needs
  • The house technical constraints
  • The desired profitability

We recommend you the most suitable ventilation solution, for instance :

  • Ventilate a room (possibility to link it to lighting)
  • Ventilate the whole house
  • Ventilate with a low-energy system
  • Ventilate closed indoor or outdoor pools



Specialized in renovation

We deal with private or professional clients.

For 60 years, we have developed a know-how and experience in the electrical renovation.

Our skills :

Setting rental standards, security (renew electrical panel with circuit breakers…)

  • Replacement of electric radiators identical, more economical or more efficient
  • Energy manager installation
  • Bell
  • Installation and replacement of electric water heaters
  • Installation of smoke detectors and CO
  • central vacuum cleaner
  • Reparation

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Specialized in the creation and renovation of sanitary facilities, we offer you our skills for :

  • Advices
  • Studies
  • Your well-being
  • A 3D project
  • Site monitoring
  • The development of accessibility for people with reduced mobility PRM

You may ask for :

  • Single bath or whirlpool
  • Toilet
  • Dry toilets
  • Hand washing
  • Bathroom sink
  • Italian shower
  • Turnkey bathroom
  • Spas
  • Equipped Kitchen
  • Water heaters all types
  • Reparation and after-sales service

To achieve the sanitary of your dreams, go ahead: come and meet us !


Our installations are made of copper, PER, or multilayer and following the rules of DTU. 

We can carry out all kind of networks:

  • Cold water
  • Hot water
  • Gas


  • - Sewage disposal
  • - Water evacuation valves

Water saving

  • - Rainwater collector
  • -Well pump
  • -Pumping in river

Irrigation for professionals (greenhouse, farmer), or private (lawn)



Mono zone or multizone

Pool :

  • - Maintenance
  • - Renovation

Compressed air :

  • - Distribution
  • - Automation
  • - Cylinder, compressor

Army fire network

Water booster

Empty cellar

New hydraulic ram and renovation

Maintenance and after-sales service

We ensure maintenance and reparation. In case of problem, a quick intervention is set up.

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For 30 years, the Maison Treuil is experienced in :

  • The supply of cleaning products
  • The start up
  • The pool maintenance
  • Wintering
  • The renovation of your pool

You can contact us to carry out :

  • Heating
  • Covering
  • Tarpaulin Laying
  • Liner
  • Pump
  • Sand filter
  • Chlorinator
  • Air dehumidifier
  • Wintering


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Troubleshooting service

You can call us for any problem :

  • Heating
  • Pellet stove
  • Plumbing sanitary
  • Air conditioning
  • Electricity
  • Swimming pool

The Maison Treuil is the guarantee of:

  • A high-quality safe diagnosis
  • A quick intervention
  • The assurance of permanence on the week-end, from october to march for our loyal customers and if possible, for non clients.

Do not hesitate to contact us !



Maintenance service

Each boiler (fuel, oil, gas, wood), whose power is between 4 and 400Kw, must be reviewed every year according to the regulation AFNOR NF X50-010 (gas) and NF X50-011 (oil).

It is essential for your security and beneficial for your finances :

  • Not only a legal obligation, it also leads to a 7 to 12% saving.
  • You limit the breakdown risk
  • You can extend the life of the equipment
  • You can pay the cheapest on the market

Advantage of the contract:

  • Assistance 6/7d in winter (october to march), 7/7d if emergency.
  • We automatically contact you to make an appointment

One energy, one contract :

  • Gas
  • Wood
  • Pellets
  • Pellets stoves
  • Mixed fuel/ pellets
  • Mixed fuel/wood
  • Oil
  • Wood insert
  • Wood fireplace
  • Wood stove
  • Air conditioner
  • Refrigerating system

Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about your contact.

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In relation with our know-how, 4 other services have been developed:

Bottle gas dispenser Sale of wood pellets  

We sell bottles finagaz (ex totalgaz)

  • Propane 13kg/35kg
  • Butane 7kg/10kg/35kg

Delivery can be ordered by phone.


Thanks to our partner Alvéa, we sell high-quality pellets.

Sale of bag by unit or pallet.

Delivery can be ordered by phone.


Home electrical appliance 

A range of small and large domestic electrical appliance is at your disposal.

We can also :

  • Advise you according to your needs
  • Make you benefit from our group rates
  • Delivery and install your equipment

Site coordination

The Maison Treuil is a member of the "Cooperative du Batiment Artisanal de Correze". SOCOBAC If your site requires several artisans, we can carry out :

  • The design of the plans
  • The management of business markets
  • The management of intervention schedules
  • The site monitoring
  • The delivery of the site

Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our services.


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